CORE Nutritionals Leaks Core PEAK Stim-Free Pump & Power Pills

Things have been busy at Crush It HQ! Core Nutritionals has three major things on the way:

  1. Core FURY v2 Announced

    Founder and CEO Doug Miller unleashed the long-awaited Core FURY v2 bottle, which you can see here disclosed on PricePlow’s Instagram:

    This formula has nearly the kitchen sink inside — we’ll have an ingredient explanation article coming very soon.

  2. The 12 Days of Crushmas are coming

    CORE Nutritionals’ annual sale is on the way, and we’ll have a separate page updating that as well — sign up for our CORE Nutritionals news for more!

  3. Core PEAK has been leaked!

    We have our hands on the following images of Core PEAK, a new capsule-based, stimulat-free pump and power supplement:

    Core Nutritionals PEAK

    Core Nutritionals PEAK Label

    It’s currently set for a New Year’s release, so hold on to your hats.

    This page will be updated with a full explanation, but the long story short is that 3-6 capsules of this bad boy will be giving some explosive blood flow and pumps. With two ingredients with “Peak” in the name, it was only natural to name it Core PEAK!

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