How To Make Kratom Tea? Top 5 Ingredients You Must Include

Mitragyna Speciosa is the scientific name of the kratom tree. It is native to Southeast Asia. Many products from this plant are famous in the industry, and today, in this article, we will explore one such product: kratom tea. Many kratom users prefer to make this tea with the help of kratom powder and kratom leaves.

We will see further in this article how to make kratom tea, five must-have ingredients, and some of the benefits of Kratom tea. So if you like to consume tea, this article can be perfect for you; if you want to know how to continue reading.

How To Make Kratom Tea?

So if you are wondering how to make a cup of strong kratom tea, we have your back. We are sharing a fantastic recipe for you to brew your Kratom.

Yes, it’s a good idea to experiment with kratom tea by adding different ingredients and flavors, but at the same time, it is essential to understand how to make a perfect cup of kratom tea.

Top 5 Ingredients You Must Include In Kratom Tea Recipe

Here are the top 5 ingredients that can make your kratom supplements tea amazing:

1. Kratom Powder

Kratom Powder

One of the essential ingredients to add to your own kratom tea is kratom powder. Making kratom tea is simple with the help of the highest quality kratom powder.

You can make kratom tea by reaching the boiling point of kratom powder in hot water. The Kratom alkaloids, like mitragynine and 7 hydroxymitragynine, can be extracted most efficiently in this manner. The process of decocting Kratom has no set duration.

However, most people agree that boiling Kratom powder for about 15 minutes maximizes the herb’s effects. To make your Kratom tea stronger, attempt to simmer the Kratom for longer than an hour if you can. The powder is one of the best ingredients to add.

2. Kratom Leaves

Above all, one of the most excellent methods to drink kratom tea liquid is crushed kratom leaf. Instead of being processed into a fine powder, kratom leaves are crushed and chopped into tiny pieces.

You can boil or brew the crushed leaf into a potent tea. Simmering it is hardly even necessary. Kratom, made from crushed leaves, can be consumed like South Americans consume Yerba Mate: simply covering it with heated water and slurping the steaming beverage through a straw.

3. Add A Flavored Tea Bag.

Flavored Tea Bag

You can make another tea with it to make your kratom tea taste better. When combined with sweet, fruity tea and other flavors, your tea can taste amazing. You can combine numerous tea varieties in the batch to create your unique blend.

Get innovative and experiment with different combinations to determine what will taste the finest because the options are as endless as your tea cabinet. Then, after selecting your tea, brew it using twice as many tea bags as you require.

Here is some tea that you can combine to make your kratom tea taste even better:

  • Green Tea
  • Raspberry tea
  • Sweet tea
  • Citrus tea

You can also use different kinds of herbal teas. If you want, add apple cider vinegar to make it even better.

4. Use Milk

Many people add milk and sweetener to their coffee or traditional tea to make it conform to their preferred flavor profiles. You may use the same method to make kratom tea!

For kratom tea, many sweetened milk products, such as vanilla creamer, can be added to lessen the bitterness and increase the sweetness of the finished beverage. In addition, the taste of tea improves by adding milk over the typical earthiness of kratom tea.

Many kratom enthusiasts have discovered almond milk to be a simple addition to kratom tea, not just that you can also add soya milk, oat milk, etc. It works well with the typical chemical makeup of Kratom because it is sweet.

5. Add Sweeteners

Adding natural sweeteners is a simple fix, yet it works for most individuals. The rich, black flavor of the Kratom will be immediately masked by adding honey, sugar, or any sweetener to your kratom tea.

For each mug of kratom tea, we advise starting with one teaspoon of your preferred sweetener, but you can add more until the ratio is exactly right.

You can also make the cold brew version of the kratom tea and add the same ingredients and some ice cubes. You can preserve your tea for up to a week.

Kratom Tea Recipe

The recipe below will help you make a tasty and flavorful tea you can enjoy in a teapot.

Here is the recipe for the perfect tea:

Step 1 – Measure The Dosage

Measure The Dosage

The first step for making kratom tea is measuring the dosage of the Kratom extract. It is a natural substance that may help when you experience withdrawal symptoms, potentially increase energy levels, aid heat tolerance, have a sedative effect, and combat fatigue. So measuring the dose precisely is essential.

The dosage of the powder or leaf that you are using will depend on the kratom strain that you are using. The dose that may suit most individuals is between 1 and 2 grams. And in the case of leaves, it is between 3-6 grams for most strains.

A typical way to measure doses is to weigh a small quantity and then dry blend it with equivalent boiling water. This mixture may be poured into a mug or cup and consumed as desired!

Step 2 – Pour boiling water and add Kratom.

The next step in all kratom tea recipes is to add kratom to very hot water that you are boiling in a kettle or teapot. Because kratom has a bitter taste, it is better to mix it with a lot of hot water first. To acquire the full flavor of your tea mixture, simmer it at high temperatures for a few minutes.

You can make different hot drinks with Kratom and not just tea.

Step 3 – Let It Simmer

It is now time to add your Kratom to the hot water. However, before the water boils ultimately, you must add it while it is still simmering.

Here is what you have to do:

Reduce the heat on your burner until you stop hearing whistles and seeing bubbles if your kettle is whistling and the tea is gently but steadily boiling. Next, include some kratom powder.

Switch down or turn off the heat source if your kettle begins to whistle or pop loudly while still having many bubbles rising towards its top surface (i.e., gas stovetop). When trying to add new ingredients, such as powdered kratom leaves from Mitragyna Speciosa plant sources, such as Thailand’s “Maeng Da” strain, Indonesia’s Bali leaf variety, Malaysia’s Malaysian green vein strain, and Papua New Guinea red vein type, be careful not to burn yourself with boiling water.

Step 4 – Strain It

Strain It

It would be best to have a liquid containing all the cooked kratom. Utilize a cup to strain it. Depending on the type of material your filter is composed of, you can use a strainer, cheesecloth, or a coffee filter.

Use any spoon to press the mixture through cheesecloth if you don’t have a filter; it will work just as well and may be simpler than using tongs to pick up and move everything.

When ready to serve, pour your flavored tea into cups or glasses.

Step 5 – Add Some Flavors

You can now add your preferred flavorings to the tea you have prepared. There are countless methods to accomplish this, but adding honey and cinnamon is one of the easiest.

You should add some ginger as well. Your tea will get a good kick from it. If fruit juice isn’t readily available, you can use alternative sweeteners like sugar or maple syrup.

You may add milk or cream if you want to give your tea mix more flavorings!

Benefits Of Consuming Kratom Tea vs. Other Products

We are mentioning all the benefits of drinking kratom tea below:

1. Tastes Better

Kratom has a bitter flavor and texture. Its flavor is one of its strongest deterrents. Making kratom tea with various spices, orange and pineapple juice, lemon juice, ingredients, and sweeteners can enhance the flavor of kratom tea. One of the benefits is that you can create your kratom tea.

2. Less Potent Than Other Kratom Products

Most of Kratom’s active alkaloids have dissolved in hot water when brewing kratom tea. If you are a beginner, this tea can be the perfect option for you as it is not that potent, and you will also be able to control your dosage of Kratom with the tea. This tea may also help you to relieve fatigue and chronic pain.

3. Preparing Kratom Tea Is Easy

Kratom Tea Is Easy

Brewing kratom tea is easy. Without a doubt, you can wait for the coffee to brew. Therefore, why not let a Kratom tea simmer? Put your crushed leaf in a pot, place it on the stove, and simmer it to complete a Kratom tea.

After doing this, all that’s left to do is wait a few minutes for your cup of kratom tea to arrive. 

Then, you can add the Kratom tea bags to hot water to speed up the process. Then, finally, add more flavors like lemon juice, honey, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you are a tea or kratom lover, you must have liked this article. This article shares a straightforward kratom recipe and what is kratom tea good for. The best thing about this kratom tea is that you can experiment; you don’t have to restrict yourself to anything.

There are many options for you to experiment with. You can add different flavors, drink it hot, or prepare it cold. But you have to be mindful about the doses as in higher doses, and Kratom can have effects similar to opioid drugs and opioid pain relievers.

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