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Decluttering is often something that people strive to do, but that many find a challenge. However, it is vital to consider the benefits of removing excess things from your household on your health and also your wealth.

Benefits of Decluttering

The act of decluttering may not fill you with joy but knowing that you can navigate a whole room without feeling as though you are in a human game of chess definitely is a great feeling. Clearing things away and being proud of your achievements can really boost your mental health. Additionally, when there are fewer items in a room, it’s much easier to keep clean. Less dust will have huge health benefits from asthma and allergy sufferers, too. Finally, sorting out your stuff means that you can sell some of it, making money from the things you no longer want or need. Win-win situation!

How can I declutter?

Different people advocate different methods. The most controversial and commonly known one is Konmari. However, the creator herself now realises, with three kids in her household, that this is is not a sustainable way of keeping a tidy house.

Here’s our advice:

  • Go room by room – Trying to tackle too many things at once can make decluttering overwhelming. Rather than having several rooms unfinished, knowing that you have completed one room will allow you to reap the benefits much quicker.
  • Get the right furniture – while decluttering will ensure you have the right furniture to help you on your mission. For your bedroom built in cupboards can offer the best use of the space available, particularly if you have awkward shaped rooms or ceilings and for playrooms, consider box storage that is easy for your children to access and return.
  • Be ruthless – attaching too much sentimental value can restrict your ability to succeed in the decluttering process. Try to be ruthless and consider if you have utilised the items over the past 12 or so months. If the answer is ‘no’ and you cannot foresee its use in the next year, donate, sell or throw away.
  • Delegate – a whole house, unless you are a single occupant, should not be the sole responsibility of just you. Delegate a room or two to your partner or child. If they are capable of doing a decent job. Be clear on your expectations, though. Otherwise you may find yourself with a house empty of any of your belongings!
  • Enlist help – if you’re anything like me, you will find your mind drifting rapidly when you are left to tidy alone. Ask a friend to come over to help. Then once you have met your daily target, share a takeaway pizza or have something healthier prepared to share.
  • Play music – if you’re anything like me. The time goes by much more quickly and I have way more fun if I’m listening to some of my favourite tracks, albums or playlists.
  • rush – while it is always useful to see results early on. Trying to rush through the process can be detrimental to your success and your mental wellbeing. Instead, set smaller targets that are more achievable.

Whatever the reason for starting a decluttering journey, we hope that it is a success by following some of our advice. Let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear your story!

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