Just to say “Thank You”… and stay tuned.

From me to all of you…

Dear Readers, Friends, and Colleagues –

This post is solely to tell you how grateful I am for all of you. This is a time of transition and uncertainty is challenging. It certainly is for me at the moment. But change comes to all of us, and creativity, growth and appreciation rise out of that.

I have often joked with many of you that I think I’ve learned more from all of you than you have from me. You all have lit up my life so many times and in so many ways with your spirits and your questions. You’ve shared your triumphs and joys, your sorrows and everything in between. I’ve learned so much and I truly hope you’ve learned from me. It’s so wonderful to have a shared experience of a community and personal connection.

Every year at the full moon in July, there is a celebration held in India called Guru Purnima. This year it was Wednesday, July 13. “Guru” just means teacher and it’s a celebration of all the teachers (of any kind) that we’ve ever had and a chance to express our gratitude to them for all they’ve taught us. Many faces came to mind that night, and giving thanks to all of you and my teachers just feels like the right thing at the moment.

I’m healthy, in good spirits, will continue to evolve, and will embrace opportunity to reinvent. I’ll be sharing that evolution as things occur.


With much affection to all,

Brandith Irwin, MD

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