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What will be the new Weight Watchers plan for November of 2022? It appears that the company is changing to a new plan in November of 2022, even though the current Personal Points plan was rolled out just one year ago. Read on for information for the latest information about program changes for WW in 2022 and 2023.

Updated with new information on October 27, 2022.

After you read about the new plan, share your thoughts in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what you think about these changes.

WW new program 2022 and 2023
In an unexpected move, WW is launching a new program for members in November of 2022.

New! Weight Watchers New Plan for November, 2022

In an unprecedented move, Weight Watchers is launching a new program for members in November of 2022 which is much earlier than expected.

Will WW Offer a New Plan in 2022?

Yes, it appears that Weight Watchers is offering members a new plan in November of 2022. This is unexpected and has not been done before in WW recent history. Typically WW creates a new plan every 2 years, with the middle year having minor program adjustments.

Now, in November of 2022 WW is ending the Personal Points plan and offering a newly created plan.

This is huge news. As someone who has been using the WW system for almost 30 years, I have not seen Weight Watchers offer a new plan so quickly.

This tells us that the current Personal Points plan is not working for many members for weight loss. While I don’t know what to exactly what to expect with the new system, overall I’m excited for the change. Good for WW for listening to your members and meeting their needs.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my 100+ pound weight loss, it’s that while it’s good to try new things, if it’s not working I need to be willing to go back to the basics. It appears that’s what WW is doing with this new, more streamlined plan.

In today’s modern world, change happens fast and all of us need to be ready to pivot and adapt.

New WW Plan: Real or Rumor?

It is true that Weight Watchers is offering a new plan? Yes, WW will be starting a new plan mid-November of 2022.

According to Dish with Dee on You Tube, who received information from a current Weight Watchers coach, the new W W program will begin soon.

For several months now, There have been hints that WW was going to start a new plan sooner than is typical. A select number of people who were new members to WW were given the option to enroll in a test program. WW has also discounted their cookbooks to be 50% off, something they typically do only when a new plan is about to be announced.

Weight Watchers coaches and employees have just been told of the new plan, so watch for more information to come soon.

What Will the New Weight Watchers Plan Be Like?

Here are the details that Dee shared in her video of what we know so far:

  • The new plan will be more simple and streamlined.
  • Everyone will be on the same plan, except for diabetics.
  • Everyone will have the same zero point foods, with the exception of diabetic members who will still have a unique plan for them.
  • Recipes will have a set number of points for all members.
  • Zero point foods (for non-diabetics) will include non-starchy vegetables, fruits, lean poultry and fish, tofu, non-fat, plain Greek yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, eggs, beans, lentils, peas, corn, and popcorn (plain, air-popped).
  • Daily points ranges will vary according to sex, age, height and current weight.
  • Foods such as potatoes, oatmeal, and brown rice will NOT be zero point foods on the new plan. Members can still eat these foods (remember, no food is off limits in WW) but they will have points.
  • Members will continue to receive a daily points allotment and a weekly points allowance.
  • Members will NOT earn points for eating vegetables or drinking water.
  • Members will still be able to earn additional points for physical activity.
  • This plan is said to be similar to the previous Blue WW plan and Freestyle.
  • The algorithm for calculating a food’s point value will stay the same.

What is the Name of the New WW Plan?

The name of the new plan has not yet been released. Stay tuned and we will update you as soon as that information is available.

There is a new name called “Core” plan but that is NOT the food plan. Core is the new name for the online-only version of the digital program.

Will the WW Personal Points Program End?

Yes, the current Personal Points plan will end in December of 2022.

We have been told that mid-November, current WW members will have the option of starting the new plan or staying with Personal Points. Then in December, all members will be switched to the new plan.

After the change in mid-November, new members will automatically be enrolled in the new plan, and all members will be using the new plan by the end of 2022.

Why is Weight Watchers Ending Personal Points?

WW has not officially stated why the new Personalized Points plan is ending. I can tell you that as someone who writes about Weight Watchers on this website, I have received a flood of emails from people who are not losing weight with the current plan.

Many have left WW and gone to tracking calories with My Fitness Pal, using a knock-off WW app like Healthi, or simply following an older WW plan on their own.

As someone who has lost 100+ pounds with WW and is a WW Lifetime member, I am a WW fan girl. I love the WW system and counting points works really well for me.

But to be honest even I have had complaints with the Personal Points plan, especially counting extra points for vegetables.

Borgstede before and after
I’ve lost 100+ pounds with WW and love life at my goal weight. I still track points every day.

Many WW members have shared their frustration with the Personal Points plan with me, and a desire to go back to the previous Green, Blue, and Purple plans, but then again we as Weight Watchers members have a history of always thinking the previous plan was the better one.

There is no way to follow previous plans while using the current WW system, but if you want to try to follow it on your own, click here for Blue plan information, Green plan information, and Purple plan information along with free printables.

What’s next for the new WW plan? Be sure to join my email list and I’ll keep you informed of new changes as soon as they are announced.

What are your thoughts about WW ending Personal Points and starting a new plan? Share in the comments below.

WW Personal Points Plan Launched in the United States on November 8, 2021

WW new Personal Points plan rolled out in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom on November 8, 2021. New members are invited to begin the new plan at sign-up. Current members were prompted in their app or online to take a personal assessment quiz to determine their new personal points budget.

Click here for complete details about the new WW personal points plan.

Click here to read about the WW personal points assessment that determines each person’s individual points allowance.

Click here for a free printable WW Personal Points Zero Points food list.

WW PersonalPoints Launched in Australia, & New Zealand on October 25, 2021

New WW PersonalPoints plan
Click here for more details about the new Weight Watchers plan.

Click here for the latest updates about the new WW PersonalPoints plan with details from people who are already using the new plan.

New WW program
The new Weight Watchers program is customized to you.

The program launched in the United States and Canada the week of November 7 and the program has launched in AU and NZ. Click here to read information about the new PersonalPoints plan for Weight Watchers members.

Click here for more details on how the W W food assessment works and the questions that are asked.

WW plan personalized
After taking a quiz, receive a plan that’s unique to you, your needs and tastes.

Weight Watchers Introduced a New Plan in 2021 and 2022

Yes, Weight Watchers has announced that there will be a new plan for members in 2022.

In this transcript of a public meeting about Weight Watchers, the following information was shared by Mindy F. Grossman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Director and Nicholas P. Hotchkin, Chief Operating Officer:

  • Clinical trials are under way for the new WW program.
  • The food program will be even more simple, more livable, more efficacious and more sustainable.
  • The next food innovation will make the program much more personalized.
  • WW is expanding into healthcare and diabetes. A dedicated consumer offering specifically designed for people with diabetes will be launching in 2022.
  • WW is committed to helping close nutrition gaps that disproportionately impact underserved communities.
Fruit salad for weight loss

What are the Weight Watchers Program Changes for 2021 and 2022?

Every two years, WW releases a new and updated food program. The program was released in November of 2021, with changes continuing into 2022 and 2023.

Also noted was the following information about Weight Watchers and weight loss in general:

  • At the core of all WW membership plans is the digital platform and the personalized myWW+, with 90% of subscribers being digital.
  • Virtual experiences with Oprah Winfrey will continue into 2022. (These live virtual experiences with Oprah have resulted in over five million views.)
  • The focus will continue on making the app more personalized and helping members become engaged during the first 4 weeks of membership.
  • The American Psychological Association’s latest stress in America poll found that since the pandemic started, 42% of participants reported a weight gain on average of 29 pounds with 10% having gained over 50 pounds.
  • Expansion into wellness focus will continue because it’s the foundation of member success.
  • Coaching and community will continue to be at the core of WW programs.
  • WW is aiming to return the workshop business to full capacity as communities reopen.

Check back to this post and we will continue to update here as Weight Watchers announces more information about program changes for 2022, 2023 and beyond.

WW Personal Points – New Weight Watchers Plan Name Trademarked

Click here for the latest information about the WW Personal Points plan.

Instagram account Pandemic Points shared on her Instagram that WW International has trademarked the name WW Personal Points. See a photo of the new WW 2022 trademark information on her Instagram account here.

WW Personal Points Plan – Information From WW Survey

Instagram Pandemic Points also shares this information taken from a WW survey:

Introducing WW’s most cutting edge, comprehensive and personalized weight loss program ever.

Cutting edge because it takes the entire nutrition label into account. Calories, protein, fiber, saturated fat, unsaturated (healthy) fats and added sugars are all included in this new points formula. No other system seamlessly reduces all this complexity into one simple number.

Comprehensive because it isn’t just a food system. It’s an entire ecosystem that takes the whole you into account – incorporating your activity levels and water and vegetable intake, allowing you to grow your points budget and earn points for all the healthy things you do. It’s one complete system that takes in all into account.

Personalized because, for the first time ever, with WW’s guidance you determine your own individual plan, based on the foods you like and eat most often. These foods have zero points, and your plan is unique to you. With thousands of possible combinations, virtually no two plans are alike!”

WW Survey, Fall, 2021

Dr. Adam Kaufman to Head Weight Watchers Diabetic Program

Weight Watchers shared the latest information about the new diabetic program in a press release. NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — WW International, Inc. (NASD

WW Appoints Doctor Adam Kaufman as Senior Vice President of Healthcare and Diabetes Company. The former digital therapeutics executive will lead a new strategic growth area. WW announced that Adam Kaufman, PhD has joined the company as Senior Vice President, Healthcare and Diabetes. In this role, Adam will manage WW Health Solutions, the existing business, and lead the development of a dedicated offering specifically designed for people with diabetes. He will sit on the senior leadership team and report to Nick Hotchkin, Chief Operating Officer.

Video by The Holy Mess for Weight Watchers Program Changes in November, 2021

Highlights from the video:

  • While all this information is behind the scenes and unofficial, the new plan is currently being tested.
  • The new program will be rolled out November 11, 2021.
  • The new plan will be even more simplistic and easier to understand, and personalized to your experience.
  • The current plan (Green, Blue, and Purple) will be ending.
  • The new plan includes a diabetic-friendly plan that also helpful for insulin resistance. (Perhaps this will include allowing for more healthy fats without high points penalties and be more helpful for people who need to eat lower carb. This is not expected to be very low carb like Keto.)
  • The WW products will be continue to improve with more real, wholesome ingredients.
  • How’s your mindset about the new changes? Don’t panic. Don’t assume that the new plan will be awful or that WW doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Don’t give away your power!
  • Remember that you get to decide what you eat, no matter what WW does with their programs.

Which Weight Watchers Color Plan is Best for Weight Loss?

All 3 MyWW+ programs have been proven in scientific clinical trials to be helpful for losing weight.

What Weight Watchers plan is best for me? To determine which WW color plan is best for you, take the quiz when you become a member or check out this post about the different WW plans.

What is the MyWW Plan with Blue, Green and Purple?

In 2019, WW introduced the MyWW plan with the option for members to follow the Green, Blue, or Purple Plan.

MyWW Green – The Green plan has 100 zero point foods at a minimum of 30 daily points allowance. Click here for the ultimate Green plan guide and meal plan.

MyWW Blue – The Blue plan has 200 zero point foods and a minimum of 23 daily points allowance. Click here for the Blue ultimate guide and meal plan.

MyWW Purple – The Purple plan has 300 zero point foods and a minimum of 16 daily points allowance. Click here for the Purple ultimate guide and meal plan.

Weight Watchers strawberry pretzel dessert cups

Weight Watchers Program Review

How does Weight Watchers work for weight loss? WW is a reduced calorie, lower fat program that guides members to a healthy weight. The plan gives each member a daily points allowance that represents the food options for the day. In addition, every member has zero point foods that can be eaten to satisfaction plus a flexible weekly points budget.

Which WW plan is best for vegetarians? While all WW plans can be used for vegetarians and vegans, we recommend the Purple plan for vegetarians.

Old Weight Watchers Plans

Weight Watchers has offered a number of programs for members over the years and has a long history of weight loss options.

  • Weight Watchers was founded by Jean Nidetch in 1961.
  • Weight Watchers Quick Success program was introduced in 1988.
  • In 1998, Weight Watchers introduced the first points system, 1,2,3 Success Points Plan.
  • Winning Points system was introduced in 2000.
  • Pure Points was launched in 2002.
  • In 2004 the Core plan was introduced.
  • In 2010, Pro Points was introduced, which included fruit being zero points.
  • Your Way program was introduced in 2016, which included Smart Points and Fit Points.
  • 2018 Weight Watchers Reimagined started the focus on wellness in addition to weight loss.
  • In 2018, Weight Watchers rebranded to WW and introduced WW Freestyle with the 200 zero points food list.
  • In 2019, WW introduced MyWW with the option for members to choose the Green, Blue, or Purple color plans.

Click here to read more about previous WW plans and here is an overview of what the Weight Watchers program was like in the 1960s.

Weight Watchers continues to be a leader in the weight loss industry, and members look forward to seeing what a new plan will offer to help them get to their goal weight and reach weight loss success.

plate of dessert hummus and fruit

What do you think about a new WW program in 2022? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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