The best Black Friday buys you will need this Christmas (and might forget!)

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If you are expecting visitors this Christmas whether for a day or a week there are a few basic things you may need and have forgotten. Here I wanted to share with you some of the things I tend to forget so I am sure others will too either for their family or for when visitors come, those little easily missed essentials!


No one likes to buy batteries at the local corner shop at an extortionate price because that is the only place open on Christmas day. Equally, if you have something you want to use but have no batteries you don’t want to wait to have batteries delivered, do you?

A simple solution is to check all presents before you wrap them for whether they need batteries and order them in advance. I have a tub of batteries in the house at all times for remote controls, my computer mouse and other similar needs. I recommend Amazon Basics batteries so why not order some ready for Christmas?

Currently, you can buy 48 AA batteries for £13.18 and even cheaper if you set up to subscribe and save! If you use a lot of AAA batteries then you can get 100 for just £19.99!

Cables and chargers

It is easy to forget to check you have enough cables and chargers for new gadgets and devices. This 6-port USB plug for £14.10 is perfect for charging all those new Christmas gifts at once.

Gadget cases

If you are buying someone a new iPad or phone then be sure to buy them a case, especially if you are buying for a child. I would even consider putting it on before you wrap their gadget and charging the gadget too! Don’t forget a screen protector too, the Amazon brand Eono has some good ones for around a fiver!

Pillowcases and bedding

If you have guests to sleep over do you have enough bedding for them? Sometimes we do but want to add a few extra pillows which need pillowcases. The Amazon Basics pillowcases I found are such a bargain at £5.11 for a pair.


Are you putting guests up in a chilly bedroom or perhaps you have an elderly parent visiting? If so maybe you need to consider buying a blanket. This Amazon Basics blanket is £28.09 and has faux fur, so it is soft and cosy! Just be careful as with a blanket this cosy they might not want to go home!


Do you have enough crockery for everyone to enjoy their Christmas dinner? If not, or you have a miss match and would like a new set, this set for 6 people is lovely quality and £39.49 at the moment.


In the same way as crockery, you need to be sure you have enough cutlery. Amazon have a set suitable for 4 people for just £15.59 you can order to help ensure you don’t have to wash up between breakfast and lunch!

Paper cups

Do you have plans for a lot of visitors and want to limit the washing up? Paper cups could be your saviour here. This set is £10.24 for 100 from Amazon Basics so an easy buy to reduce washing up and stress!

Whilst it is too late to have your kitchen all pulled out and refitted now that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some extra space in the kitchen. This Microwave trolley is a perfect kitchen trolley to give you a little extra storage and preparation space. It is £46.29 so cheaper than a new kitchen too!

Peace and quiet

I know you can’t buy peace and quiet but you can buy earbuds to put in when the kids are fighting or your guests are snoring! For around £20 depending on colour, you could have this with the Umi Earbuds from Amazon.

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