Weight Watchers $10 a Month? How to Get the Deal Now

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One of the best deals to join WeightWatchers is their $10 per month membership. Not only is that a 60% discount on their popular Core (Digital) Plan, but it locks in the savings for 6 months or even the life of your membership.

However, the WW $10-a-month deal isn’t always available unless you qualify, and meetings are not included.

There are two ways to join WW for only $10 per month right now:

  1. The $10 per month offer is their featured promotion now
  2. You qualify as a student, nurse, or another group (learn more)
  3. A promo code for a $10/month membership may be available here

Here’s more about Weight Watchers’ incredible $10 per month Core Plan membership and how you can sign up today.

1. Featured Promotion: Join WeightWatchers for $10 Per Month

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WW always has a featured offer running here and it changes every few days. Sometimes it’s a great deal, while other times it’s mediocre savings like 30% off.

Arguably the best deal to look for is their $10 per month offer, but you never know when it will be available. Here’s what the savings looks like with the $10 a month promotion:

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Pretty amazing, right?

You’ll notice that the $10 a month membership sometimes even lets you join for free which saves an extra $20 at signup.

Tip: WW usually offers their $10 per month deal at peak times like Black Friday, New Year’s Day, and holidays like Memorial Day Weekend – Check availability here

Always check the terms before signing up for any promotion.

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There is usually a minimum commitment of 6 months for the $10/month membership and if you quit early you may be assessed a cancellation fee.

2. Certain Groups Can Join WW $10 Per Month Plan:

ww students 10 dollars join

While the WW featured deal today is a bit of a crapshoot, the $10 per month membership is always available to certain groups. Here are organizations and members of groups who can join WW for $10 a month right now:

  • Students can enjoy a $10-a-month membership anytime here
  • Healthcare workers including nurses can join WW for $10 per month here
  • Members of the U.S. military may be able to join WW for $10 a month here
  • Brands like Hello Fresh and Factor Meals may offer customers a $10 membership

Weight Watchers may ask for verification such as a college student email address or proof of group membership to qualify for the $10 monthly subscription.

$10 a Month Is the Best WW Membership Deal!

If you are ready to make a 6-month commitment when joining WW then the $10 a month promotion is probably the best deal to look for.

If it’s not currently available you still might be able to join WW for only $10 for the life of your membership if you qualify as a student, nurse, or another group.

I hope the $10 offer is featured here today, and if not, the best WW deals are listed on this page.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by Wonky Pie!

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