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Hi friends! How are you? I hope you had a wonderful Valentineā€™s Day, whether you were celebrating with your love, your Galentines, your kiddos, or your pet šŸ™‚ For todayā€™s post, I thought Iā€™d share an old-school day of eats and adventures like the blog days of yore. Please keep in mind that What I Ate Wednesday posts are just to share some new ideas and I totally understand why they can be problematic or not a fit for certain friends out there. If itā€™s not your cup of tea, no worries at all, and Iā€™ll see ya tomorrow with a new podcast episode!

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The girls woke up early and had their Valentineā€™s baskets waiting for them.

(Candy, beanie boos, a cute heart sweater, a book, some bath bombs and lip gloss. They were pumped!)

When the girls were much younger and I saw gift baskets for every.single.holiday, it made me feel stressed. I was just trying to keep them alive, clean, fed, and happy, so things like Halloween baskets or Valentineā€™s baskets seemed unfathomable to put together. Instead, I just tried to do other things to celebrate, like hearts on their door with things that I love about them. I still do this one today and the girls adore it ā€“ they keep the hearts up all year.

Now that theyā€™re a bit older and can, you know, dress themselves, shower themselves, etc., itā€™s much easier to do fun little extra things when I feel like it.

I chugged some AG1 before heading out the door and ate a couple of eggs with sriracha and EBTB seasoning.

(Confession: Iā€™ve only tried AG1 a couple of times in the past and didnā€™t like the taste. The brand asked me if I wanted some to test out, so I figured Iā€™d give it a real try and possibly share with family and friends. Turns out: I love it. I even started craving the taste in the morning after drinking it consistently. I love all of the nutrients and I feel great after a couple of weeks of drinking it each morning on an empty stomach. They offered a discount code to share, so Iā€™ll post it as soon as I have it!)

I dropped the girls off at school with their Valentineā€™s boxes and goodies for their friends, and went straight to the Pilotā€™s squadron.

On the way, I picked up a few dozen Valentines donuts to leave at the bar for everyone to enjoy, along with cards and roses for their loved ones.

After I dropped off the goods, I headed somewhere I never go anymore: the base gym!

I LOVE working out on base. They have everything I could ever want, all of the fun functional equipment, and the vibe always challenges me to work hard. The bummer is that itā€™s a solid 30 minutes from our house (40 in traffic), so itā€™s not realistic to go during the week. Since I was already on base, I figured it was the perfect time for a workout field trip and got in an awesome total body workout.

Breakfast was waiting for me in the car:

1/2 cup oats

Almond milk

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1 scoop chocolate protein powder



Peanut butter

It set in the fridge overnight so the oats were soft, and it was the perfect post-workout fuel.

I headed straight home to get to work for a couple of hours (answered emails, recorded a podcast episode, and designed the workouts for next monthā€™s Fit Team) and then took Maisey on a walk.

Lunch was leftover Super Bowl chili, a piece of sourdough with butter, and a simple chopped salad with Poshi asparagus and Primal Kitchen dressing.

I got back to work (studied IHP, 1 1:1 client call, worked on my Friday Faves blog post, sent some invoices), took a meditation/prayer break on my Go Mat (10 minutes)

and then had a lil afternoon treat:

a decaf coffee with almond milk, collagen, and a Seeā€™s heart truffle.

Quickly, I blitzed through the house (ran a loud of laundry, wiped countertops, vacuumed, and switched out the dishes) and headed to a meeting at church. After the meeting, I picked up the crew, who had tons of valentines and goodies from school!

We headed home where they had after-school snacks, and we dropped Liv at dance with more Valentines to exchange. P and I worked on her homework at home and got ready for a little family date night at Flemingā€™s.

Flemingā€™s is one of the restaurants in Tucson thatā€™s consistently very very good. We all love their food, so I figured it would be the perfect Valentineā€™s dinner.

My lil Valentines:

As always, everything was incredible.

We started with the salad (the Pilot and I split one), a shrimp cocktail, and P had the cheese plate from the kidsā€™ menu. Liv and the Pilot also got cups of lobster bisque ā€“ I tried a taste and it was aaaaamazing. For our entrees, we all got filets, and shared asparagus, onion rings, and Flemingā€™s potatoes (cheese and lightly spicy). The Pilot stopped eating desserts back in October so I shared this chocolate lava cake with Liv (P had ice cream and whipped cream). I had some sauvignon blanc and a Valentineā€™s cocktail that had gin, strawberry and lemon.

When we got home, Iā€™d love to say I crashed into bed in a wine and steak induced slumber, butā€¦not quite. I folded and put away a load of laundry, set out the girlsā€™ clothes for Wednesday, the Pilot finished homework with the girls while I packed lunches,

and stayed up too late reading. šŸ˜‰

I crashed out around 11 and was ready to blitz again this morning.

How was your Valentineā€™s Day? What was the BEST thing you ate yesterday? Any awesome workouts?



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